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Personal Greetings
add a personal greeting for $2.50 more.
For Questions, contact us at Phone: 360.377.0110 Email:

We at Buddy-Girl Greetings know that sometimes cards just don't say as much as you want to or exactly what you want them to, on the inside.

So, we give you the chance to express whatever it is you want to say to that special someone, by letting you write your own personal greeting. It can be anything you want, a special thank you, a little note, an invitation, a special announcement, or a personal congratulation. You can even add a quote from your favorite book, poem, or movie ...Really, Anything You Can Think of.

Your greeting can replace any of our existing greetings in our line of greeting cards. Or, you may add a greeting to the inside of any of our note cards. And we will print however many you want, just for you.


Just because you love the outside, doesn't mean you can't love the inside.

Add a personal greeting to your order for just $2.50 more a greeting.

*To add a personal greeting please place your message in the "Message to Seller" box on the billing info page. Please, make sure to be specific on which card gets the personal greeting. Include the card name and number at the top of your message. If you run out room, email us your name, address, and complete greeting at:

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