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Frequently Asked Questions - Products

Buddy-Girl Greetings

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about Buddy-Girl Greetings' products.

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Are Buddy-Girl Greetings products in stores?

Can I mix and match cards in a box set?

Yes, Buddy-Girl Greetings would be happy to mix and match any cards of the same size and price, into a box set for anyone. Just call us at 360.362.5257 or email greetings@buddygirlgreetings.com to let know before or after you have placed your order “that you wish to mix and match a set of cards for a box set,” please keep in mind that your box card set quantity still has to equal 8.

Can I order a custom card design, just for me?

Yes, Buddy-Girl Greetings would love to design a card just for you and your needs. The cost of a personal design card is $19.95-$49.95 depending on how big of design challenge it is, plus the cost of printing which will vary based on card size and quantity of cards desired. For more information on personal design cards, please call 360.362.5257 or email greetings@buddygirlgreetings.com.

How long does it take to process an order?

Here at Buddy-Girl Greetings, we try to get your order processed in 2-4 business day. But, as things do come up, it may be longer. Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping of your order.

What is your return/cancellation policy?

If you are unhappy with any of our products, if you made a mistake in the ordering process or we made a mistake you can return the item to us for a full refund, if you have already received your order it must be returned in original condition, before a refund can be issued. Once we have received the item and have fully inspected it we will then issue a refund by money order or Paypal.com refund. If you wish to cancel an order please call 360.362.5257 or email greetings@buddygirlgreetings.com as soon as possible so we may stop production on your order.

What does Open Edition mean?

Prints that are marked as Open Edition means that the number of prints made isn't limited and can be printed a number of time. Also, all open edition prints aren't signed or numbered they come with the print title and year printed only.

Can I order an art print unmated and unframed?

Yes, for more information on unmated art prints pricing, please call 360.362.5257 or email greetings@buddygirlgreetings.com.

Can I order your products for resale?

Yes, most of our products are available at wholesale pricing for reselling or a wholesale catalog information please call 360.362.5257 or email greetings@buddygirlgreetings.com.

What type of paper are your products printed on?

We at Buddy-Girl Greetings print all our products on acid free paper; however, the type of paper varies from design and product. Most of our products are print on semi-glossy or matted cover stock paper, but some are printed on watercolor paper or any other paper type the artist feels would work best for the product.

Buddy-Girl Greetings

Buddy-Girl Greetings and Design Services is proud to be a woman owned small business.

Frequently Asked Questions - Design Services

Buddy-Girl Greetings

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about Buddy-Girl Greetings' design services.

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What is Buddy-Girl's turnaround time?

Turnaround times vary based on the project, our current workload and how fast clients get back to us with changes or approval; for example a logo design, takes far less time than a website project. But, our goal is to get our client’s initial project samples to them within 2-5 business days, if our workload is light we will probably get done sooner or if we have a heavy workload or your project is more detailed we will let you know if we need more time. We can rush your project for an additional fee, if you need your project sooner than later.

What is Buddy-Girl's design process?

Our design process is pretty simple, once you contact us with a project, we send you a project questionnaire that you fill out to the best of your ability (the questionnaire is simply a way for us and you to understand your goal, likes and dislikes). Once the questionnaire is returned, we review it and start designing on your samples. Next we email you the finish samples for you to review and wait for you to get back to use with any changes. Once you have gotten back to us with final approval, we prepare your files for storage, print, upload or whatever your need them for. We then invoice you, once payment has been made in full; we send your final file(s).

Is there a limited to the number of changes I can make?

No, there is no set limited to the number of changes and tweaks you can have on a given project*. Buddy-Girl Greetings strongly believes that we haven’t done our job until you are happy with the project.

*Please note, that although changes are unlimited, if we are working on a flat rated project and we get close to finalization and you decided you want a complete redesign, we do reserve the right to adjust the initial flat rate fee. Also, once the project has been finalized and payment made, additional changes and tweaks are subject to an update fee, depending on how detailed the change or tweak is.

What file types can I expect once my project is completed?

Buddy-Girl will be happy to prepare your final file into any file format you need and we always save projects in the most commonly used formats. But file types do vary by project, printer needs and your needs and we can't possibly cover all possibly file formats, so we have an open policy that if you need a file type that we didn't provide that you can request additional file formats at no additional fee. This service only covers file formats changes and not coverting/setting up a project for spot color, resizing, changing colors or anything else that means we have to change the actual content of the file and not just saving it in a different file format.

Does Buddy-Girl Greetings, also do print work?

Yes, Buddy-Girl offer in-house print services as well as out-sourcing print jobs to our most trust print vendors.

What forms of payment does Buddy-Girl Greetings except?

Buddy-Girl Greetings currently accepts cash, check, money orders, all major credit cards including Discover and American Express, we also expect PayPal.com. Payments can be made in-person, over the phone, online and by mail.

Buddy-Girl Greetings

If you have additional questions, estimates please feel free to contact Buddy-Girl Greetings directly at 360.362.5257 and greetings@buddygirlgreetings.com.